Owner Operators

"Itís not what you make, but what you keep that matters."

To be a successful Independent Contractor you need a successful partner.

Owner Operator and Lease Purchase Dedicated Accounts
National Acct Freight:  3M - Target - Gegoria Pacific - Anderson Windows
Note:  Dart runs primarily I-35 East.  However, they will go any where the customer wants.
  1. Transition Pay:
    $5,000 Total Bonus
    Paid out: 
    $1,000 on your first load. 
    $1,000 after each 10,000 miles. (after 10,000 miles = $1,000) (after 20,000 miles = $1,000) (after 30,000 miles = $1,000) (after 40,000 miles = $1,000)
    Total of $5,000.
  2. Mileage Pay:  (Based on Rand McNally Household Mover Guide)
    Owner/operator will be paid at the rate of $1.02 per mile, all miles loaded or empty.
    Additionally the O/O will be paid fuel surcharge based on the DOE weekly average, both loaded and empty miles.

    Note:  Currently Owner Ops are at 2,400 to 2,700 miles per week.  April/May forward you may expect 2,700 to 3,000 miles per week.  Typically drivers are out for two weeks at a time. Those who stay out additional weeks will see additional miles.
  3. Driver settlements are available after each delivered load, or on a weekly basis.
  4. EZ pass is a $30 one time fee. Pre-pass is $12/month.  Tolls and scales are paid by DART.
  5. Fuel Card is provided.  "EFS"
    Dart fuel discounts range from .04 cents up to .15 cents per gallon. Fuel discounts are taken at the pump.
    Fuel purchases follow the load at the settlement of the load.
  6. Dart does provide a maintenance discount on their shop maintenance.
  7. Dart has tire and battery discount agreements with most major manufacturers.
  8. Dart pays for both Base Plates and Permits.  (Company owns the base plates and permits)
    There are no deductions from the Owner Operator.
  9. Orientation is 2 1/2 days and is a non-paid orientation.
    Hotel is paid by Dart with one driver per room.
    Breakfast and Lunch are provide by Dart.
    Dart will pay up to $250 for driver to bobtail to orientation.
  10. Accounting Service for Owner Operator.  Dart will pay for monthly accounting service through ATBS and CIS.

Owner Operator Paid Items

  1. Fuel and Operating Expense of his truck.
  2. Security Deposit of $700 which can be deducted at the rate of  $3.23 per day.  This is a non-refundable security deposit.
  3. Owner Operator is responsible for payment of their Federal 2290 Highway Use tax.
  4. IFTA state use tax is calculated by Dart at a rate of .012 cents per mile.  Receipt of payment is provided by Dart..
  5. Cargo Insurance and Trailer Rental.  Dart pays all Cargo Insurance and there is no Rental or usage fee for the company owned trailer.
  6. Bobtail and Physical Damage Insurance.  Owner Operator can purchase their own, but must comply with Dart insurance policy. 
  7. Workers Comp Insurance is Not Required.
    Occupational Workers Accident insurance is required.  This is available through Dart at $172 per month.



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