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Our Pro Driver Lawyers Can Save Your License!

If you are a commercial truck driver, violating federal and state traffic laws can put your commercial drivers' license at risk. A citation for being overweight, over-length, or over-width, can put your CDL in jeopardy. Our CDL traffic ticket defense attorneys are experienced in handling commercial drivers' license cases and will work with you to keep you on the road.

We have CDL Ticket and Serious Violation
Defense Lawyers

Your commercial driver's license (CDL) is much more than a driver's license, it is your livelihood. The loss of your CDL for any speeding ticket or serious violation could have serious consequences. Do not risk the costs associated with losing your CDL by neglecting to hire an aggressive CDL Traffic Ticket attorney in your defense.

We represent truck drivers in any court in the US and Canada so that you don’t have be looking for CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys in every state you drive. Just one toll free call 24/7 is all it takes and you will have access to all your cases in North America. Remember, every State is Different and laws change daily. We are on top of these changes for your Peace Of Mind. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Our CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys have extensive experience offering the following services:

  • Posting bond to avoid arrest

  • Keeping traffic violations off your record and sometimes for less than the cost of a ticket

  • Full legal representation to the conclusion of each case (no matter how long or how many times we have to go to court)

  • Representation in trial at no additional charge for JP Courts that offer No Relief

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