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Drivers 1st is located in Phoenix, Arizona with offices in San Antonio and Houston, Texas.

We are however affiliated with several national and regional trucking companies that cover the entire U.S.

What sets us apart from other recruiting firms is our commitment to provide jobs to quality individuals with like minded quality companies that we can believe in. Every effort is made to identify the driverís needs and qualifications before we suggest the job availability.

We take a personal interest in every applicant and in doing so, we help ensure a good "fit" for both the driver and the hiring company.

Drivers 1st is a member of the Recruiting Edge group, a nation wide network of like-minded recruiters.

Why Use an Independent Contract Recruiter / Drivers1st.

Having started out with a major transportation company,  I was quick to learn, that meeting your company set  "quota" was the only way you could keep your job.  It was "kinda" like getting dispatched on an illegal load.  "Either get it there by the time we told you, or clean out your truck/desk."
With the particular company I was with at that time, it was our job to make every driver believe that we were a perfect "fit" for their needs or requirements.   Obviously that hurt many drivers and their families. I enjoyed working with the drivers, learning that drivers where not "a dime a dozen" and had a great desire to succeed.  Unfortunately this was not a win/win situation for you the driver and myself, if I was going to keep my job.  Fortunately, I was able to resign "with notice" and build my company affiliation with companies I could relate to.  No they are not perfect, but neither are we.

Today, I do not have a quota, but I do have a better chance with the selection of companies I represent, of meeting many of you and your families needs.  

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